Santiago Batista

About Santiago Batista  

Santiago (Sandy) Batista is a Director at InterAmerican Solutions and manages the New York Office. With over 13 years of experience in private, federal and state investigations, Sandy provides expert consulting services to both domestic and international clients. He guides them through complex situations that require intricate cross-border risk analysis and crisis management, investigative due diligence and anti-money laundering, fraud and embezzlement investigations.

Professional Experience

After graduating from Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut with a B.A. in Government and International Relations, Sandy set out to form his career as a criminal investigator. He began his professional journey in Washington D.C., where he worked for the U.S. State Department within the Bureau of Diplomatic Security. He then moved to New York and gained further experience and expertise, especially in respect to white collar fraud, as an Investigations Manager for a private firm. In 2007 Sandy joined the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office where he worked for nine years as a criminal investigator, finishing his tenure as Deputy Chief Investigator.

Investigation Leadership

As Deputy Chief Investigator, Sandy managed all operations in the Investigations Division and was in charge of over 50 Detective Investigators who were assigned to a wide variety of bureaus. Among the teams and units he oversaw were: the Organized Crime, Labor Racketeering and Public Corruption investigation units; three Fraud, White Collar and Special Investigations teams; investigators assigned to the US Secret Service Electronic Crimes and Homeland Security Money Laundering task forces; the Cybercrime & Identity Theft Bureau, and the City of London Police (UK) Economic Crimes Directorate.

International Expertise

Over the course of his career at the District Attorney’s Office, Sandy directed numerous complex multiagency and multijurisdictional cases, wiretaps and tactical operations. He has conducted investigations in many US jurisdictions as well as foreign countries in areas that include money laundering, terror finance, fraud and OFAC/Bank sanctions violations.