Martin Rodil

Martin Rodil

About Martin Rodil  

Martin Rodil is the founder and CEO of InterAmerican Solutions (IAS) and the president of the Venezuelan American Leadership Council.

He is an expert on Latin American politics, money laundering investigation and financial analysis of terrorism. Together with his professional partners and colleagues at IAS he provides consultancy and investigative services to individuals, private companies and government institutes.

New Beginnings

Rodil was born and raised in Venezuela, where he received his academic education in political science. In 2000, he decided to deepen his understanding of the international arena and improve his grasp of the English language. So, with no job offer or substantial plan he made his way to Washington and took up a job as a limousine driver. Nonetheless, it was not long before he was hired by the International Monetary Fund to work as a data processor in a Latin America Department.

From Data Processing to Strategic Consultancy

After six years at the IMF, Rodil left to participate in the investigation of PDVSA, a state controlled Venezuelan oil and gas company, due to serious suspicions of corruption and links to Iran. He gradually began consulting for various US officials and lecturing to high profile audiences in various contexts like the US Congress, the Center for Security Policy and the World Affairs Council.

His goal was and remains sharing his knowledge, expertise and opinions in order to provide an accurate picture of the political-financial dynamics in Latin America. He has assisted several Venezuelans who needed to flee their country by providing consultancy services and facilitating their communication with US officials.

Making a Difference

During 2016, While dedicating most of his time to developing IAS and assisting the many people who approach him, Rodil also took part in the foundation of the Venezuelan American Leadership Council, a lobbying group which aims to increase pressure on Nicolas Maduro, president of Venezuela.

Rodil is a man of values, an educated ideologist in a complicated and restless world.